Why buying 10000 YouTube subscribers might not solve your problems

Many people especially those who are just starting out in YouTube journey think that they just need to buy YouTube subscribers upload some videos then boom they video go viral and they start earning money, Well I wish that was the case but in reality things are very different, in fact there are thousands of YouTube channels with many videos but little or no views at all. In this article we are going to explore why this is the case.

How buying YouTube Subscribers Can Harm Your Channel

Not everything that glitter is gold. Having many YouTube subscribers does not necessary mean that your channel in doing well, or any video that you will upload will get many views on contrary, there are many channels with low number of subscribers that have managed to produce many viral videos. Yes, I cannot ignore the fact that the number of of subscribers is important but what is more important is whether those subscribers are active, whether they truly interact with your content. Basically if your subscribers keeps on coming back and watching your videos, liking them and commenting on them, YouTube algorithm will assume if your subscribers are liking your videos that much then they must be of high quality and the content that people would like to see, therefore it will recommend your video to other people. On the other the opposite is also true, let say for instant you buy 10000 YouTube subscribers and they are all from dormant profile then YouTube will assume that since non of your subscribers is watching your videos your video is of low quality and not worth to be recommended to other people. Therefore your videos will lie there with little or no views at all because of buying fake YouTube Subscribers.Buy 10000 YouTube subscribers

Why buying Active YouTube Subscribers is way to go

YouTube algorithms are just getting better and better, it is hard to fool them now with fake subscribers. They look into each profile and from its user behavior they can determine whether its fake or real. Unfortunately most resellers selling fake subscribers are not sincere and sell them pretending that they are active subscribers only to deliver subscribers that cannot help you beyond inflating the numbers. You should always stay away from such subscribers as they will do more harm that good to your YouTube channel. what you need is real subscribers who you can interact with and watch your video. Actually your channel is better off growing slowly from zero subscriber naturally than buying fake YouTube subscribers.
Here is a video talking more about this:

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